Privacy Policy

CATHERINE BENNETT is committed to protecting your privacy.
If you have any concerns about your data, please contact our Data Protection Officer directly through

Your Data
Information you provide to CATHERINE BENNETT will be used only:

  • to reply to your enquiry

  • as part of a normal working relationship with CATHERINE BENNETT

The information we collect includes your name, address, phone number, email address and any other form of communication you wish to use. This data is confidential and will not be given to third parties without your consent save as permitted or required by law, or by relevant regulatory authorities.

Data Storage
Your data is stored securely in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Your information is kept as accurate and up to date as possible, and is kept no longer than is necessary. Timelines:

  • One year: If we have not heard from you within 1 year of your initial enquiry or consultation, only your name and date of contact will be kept on file. All other information will be deleted.

  • Seven years: If you have been a client of CATHERINE BENNETT and we have not heard from you within 7 years of last working together, only your name, brief summary of work, and first and final date of communication will remain on our database. All other information will be deleted.

Data Security
The information you provide will be subject to procedures that minimize the risk of unauthorized access or disclosure as specified in our Data Protection Policy.

Links to other websites
CATHERINE BENNETT website contains a link to APDO but takes no responsibility for the protection of any information which you provide to that site. CATHERINE BENNETT only is governed by this privacy statement.

Data Protection
CATHERINE BENNETT is registered with the ICO, registration number: ZA053337.

Your rights
You have the right to request what information is held about you and why. You have the right to ask for corrections and for information to be erased. Please contact the Data Protection Officer through Per GDPR guidelines all data requests must be responded to within one month of receipt.