“Discreet, efficient and a pleasure to have in my home”

Moving from a family home to a flat was challenging but Catherine came to my rescue. Quick, discreet and efficient, she reorganised my wardrobe and tackled masses of paperwork, leaving me with a new, easy-to-manage filing system. It was a pleasure to have her in my home – E McCluney, Guildford

“Turned home into a pleasant place to live”

What would we have done without Catherine?! She enabled us to turn our home from a place full of clutter into a pleasant place to live. She is a lovely person and so good at the job she does, we can thoroughly recommend her – Martin, West Sussex

“I found no difficulty working via Zoom call”

I was overwhelmed with household jobs after having my third child but at the end of our sessions, I felt much more confident that the jobs would get done because we had put in place strategies. I found no difficulty working with Catherine via Zoom call, the communication was as easy and effective as if we were meeting in person – CC, Berkshire

“Gave me confidence to move forwards”

Working with Catherine was so incredibly helpful and really gave me the confidence to move forwards bit by bit around the house. My tax papers are in hanging files in the loft, and I’m positively looking forward to filing my next tax return and chucking out the oldest set of papers. I am in the process of applying her suggestions to the whole house. It’s just so exciting! Thank you SO much Catherine – J Wood, East Horsley

“After each session I felt physically lighter”

Catherine came before the arrival of our second child and (unknowingly) before lockdown in March 2020. I was so grateful as it meant we spent 6 months at home as a family in a clutter-free, organised space. When the baby arrived in the middle of lockdown everything was easy to find and keep on top of. Catherine has such a skill for sorting and organising, working with her was effortless – K Robinson, Surrey

“Made the house much easier to live in"

I asked Catherine to help me to declutter so I could gain some headspace and manage my time better. Little did I know that shortly after, five of us would be in the house with little respite for three months! She made the house much easier to live in and our experience of lockdown was vastly improved by the changes. Catherine is lovely to have around. She allowed me to take the lead, with sensitive guidance when necessary and I can’t recommend her highly enough – Alice, Godalming

“Gets to the root of the problem”

I am a hoarder but Catherine has helped me see the potential of a clutter-free home. Without judgement or putting any pressure on me, she enabled me to organise my paperwork and declutter my house. She has brought insight, understanding and order into a situation that had overtaken me. She is not a quick fix, she gets to the root of the problem – M Turner, Woking

“We did a 5½ hour WhatsApp video declutter from Australia"

I live in Australia and contacted Catherine to declutter my late grandmother’s house. We did a WhatsApp video declutter for 5½ hours, my sister and I in Sydney and my brother linked in from Melbourne. We went through all of Granny’s things; Catherine compiled a fully labelled inventory and arranged for the possessions to be sent to us. She was amazing, we could not have done it without her – K Morgan, Australia