organised storage cupboard solution


Bringing order to your home

I work with you at your own pace to break things down into manageable tasks. Together, we sort and organise your belongings to create individual, long lasting solutions that make sense to you. My approach is calm, non-judgmental and tailored to your specific needs.

With less clutter in your home, you can think more clearly and be more productive.


• Decluttering and organising your home, office, wardrobe, attic, garage or garden shed • Preparing for a baby • Sorting keepsakes and photos • Preparing for renovations • Help after a divorce or bereavement • Reorganising an empty nest • Space-saving and storage solutions

organised paperwork filing folders


Creating manageable systems

Together, we sort through your paperwork and create filing systems that work for you.

In order to keep on top of things, I help you find solutions to manage your diary, your day-to-day admin and organising your activities. This leaves you with processes in place for scheduling and budgeting whether it’s paying bills on time or renewing the MOT on your car.

Finding clarity for your daily tasks will leave you feeling more in control of your life and home.


• Organising a home-office • Sorting paperwork • Creating a filing system • Digital organising • Time & diary management • Organising digital photos • Budgeting • Family organisation • Ongoing/Regular admin support

organised moving house packing boxes


Clearing, sorting and organising

Change can be stressful and overwhelming when you have years of unsorted clutter to deal with. Based on your needs, I will help you create a structure to make that change a smooth and manageable process.

Sorting things out before you move makes setting up your new home a much more streamlined experience.


• Moving house • Downsizing • Unpacking • Moving after divorce or bereavement • Handling a relative’s estate • Helping an elderly relative to move • Decluttering a relative’s house after bereavement via video call

“I feel lighter, happier and my head is clearer”

After downsizing I found myself completely overwhelmed and Catherine’s gentle, kind, measured approach was a lifeline. The motivation she brought to each session was infectious and gave me the energy to continue organising after she’d gone., I feel lighter, happier, and my head is clearer – M Thomas, Surrey