These terms and conditions apply to the professional organising & decluttering services, referred to as the Services provided by CATHERINE BENNETT, the Provider, to the Client. The Client refers to any person or persons for whom the Provider undertakes services.

1. Best Advice

All advice is given by the Provider in good faith but it is always the Client’s decision as to whether or not to take such advice, to keep a particular item or to dispose of it. The Provider will not accept liability for;

  1. the consequences of any decisions the Client makes
  2. assessing the value of any of the Client’s possessions

2. Removal of Items

Items to be removed from the Client premises, either for disposal or to other locations must be at the Client’s discretion. The Client accepts responsibility for all or any items disposed of as a result of carrying out the Services. On occasion and only with the Client’s consent, the Provider may offer to take small items to charity or recycling points. Items cannot be returned after they have been removed.

3. Handling Goods

Whilst the Provider will always endeavour to handle the Client’s property with the utmost care, the Provider will not accept liability for any loss or damage however caused, during the course of providing the Services. The Provider will help the Client to clear up but the Provider cannot move or lift very large items. If this is required, the Client may want to arrange additional help from other parties. In cases where the Provider works in conjunction with a removal company employed by the Client, the remover’s (company’s standard) insurance cover may not provide any cover for the Provider or the Services. If the cover the Client obtains does not permit the Provider to pack or unpack the Client’s property, but only to supervise such actions undertaken by the removal company, then the Client will be required to inform the Provider accordingly. The Provider will not accept liability for any loss or damage caused during the removal.

4. Personal Safety

Prior to undertaking an assignment the Client agrees to disclose any information about the assignment or working environment that might put the Provider at risk of harm or damage to health. For the purpose of the Provider’s personal safety, another person will always know our location and session timings.

5. Other Suppliers & Services

On occasion, the Provider may recommend, or provide contact details for other service providers but does not accept any responsibility for their performance nor liability for any fees payable for their services or for any loss or damage that they may cause. For the avoidance of doubt, any contractual arrangements will be made directly between the Client and the supplier.

6. Charges & Payment Terms

  1. The weekday hourly rate is £45. The Saturday hourly rate is £60.
  2. Initial consultation is Free (up to one hour).
  3. Any consultation that extends beyond one hour from the agreed time will be charged at the hourly rate.
  4. The Client will be invoiced on a weekly basis for the hours worked. The working hours are calculated from the time of arrival until the time of departure in 15 minute increments.
  5. The cost for clearance and disposal of any items by the Provider agreed by the Client to charity or recycling points will be charged at the hourly rate.
  6. Changes to these payment terms may be made throughout the course of the Services by mutual consent.
  7. Whilst a booking is based on a pre-agreed estimated period of time, it is not always possible to predict exactly how long a specific assignment will take. It may be necessary to book additional hours in order to finish a job and this will be agreed between the Client and the Provider as and when required.
  8. The Provider will travel free of charge to destinations up to a 15-mile radius of Guildford Town Centre. If the Client lives further than 15 miles from Guildford, expenses of 50p per mile will be charged for the whole distance, there and back. Parking or congestion charges are agreed beforehand.
  9. Any parking fees incurred in providing the Services will be invoiced to the Client.
  10. All invoices to be paid by the Client within 7 days of the invoice date.
  11. Payment can be made in the following ways: by direct BACS using the bank details shown on the invoice; by cheque; or in cash.

7. Appointment Changes & Cancellation

The Client has the right to cancel the Services, without charge, up to 2 business days (48 hours) prior to the appointment. For example, in the event of cancelling for a Monday appointment the deadline for cancellation would be close of business (5pm) the previous Wednesday. Business days are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, excluding public holidays. If the Client cancels within 48 hours, the full amount will be charged.

8. Termination of Contract

The Provider reserves the right to withdraw the Services at any time without notice due to undisclosed or unforeseen circumstances.

9. Insurance

I have Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance cover.

10. Confidentiality & Privacy

Our Privacy Policy stipulates that we will not divulge client information to third parties save as permitted or required by law or by relevant regulatory authorities.

11. Professional Membership

I am a member of The Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers (APDO) and work within their professional code of ethics. I am registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO). This means I take your privacy seriously and only use your personal information to provide a professional service.